I used a large range of skills for this Student conversion microsite from UX research, Persona development, wireframing, Project management, Visual design and Front-end

The Design Problem

The previous web pages for accepting an offer at UNSW Business and enrolling into courses were not student friendly and hard to digest. This microsite aimed to provide this helpful information with a goal of converting prospective students who have been offered a place to study at UNSW Business.

Personas were developed for all the student groups so that this microsite could meet all their information needs. They were further refined into this one page snapshot.

The Process

Personas were developed from user interviews and from proto-persona research using stakeholder engagement. Rough user journeys were also explored to understand the different customer paths and experience. Wireframes were sketched and then built in Axure. I worked closely with my design colleague to design the look and feel with the graphic elements and I was responsibile for the online visual design. I also created the html/css front end using Bootstrap.


Wireframe development in Axure

University offers are sent via email and are driven to these landing pages. The landing page provides information and guided steps on accepting their offer as well as enrolment advice. There are clear call to actions, enquiry details and supportive messaging. These pages also serve a wide audience from undergraduate, postgraduate and international students.

Feature analysis, analytics, user interviews, persona creation, wireframes, high fidelity clickable prototype, visual design, sketch design, user survey


The enrolment guides also provide helpful information for students enrolling into their course.

This project was a collaborative effort with the various business areas and driven by a UX led approach by my design colleague and myself. I was the lead UX and UI visual designer and frontend developer. My colleague created the graphical elements.


Helpful and supportive information is presented in this microsite


  • Average duration of site visit to microsite is 3:40 min
  • Student enrolment numbers were over target in all student cohorts except for Postgraduate Domestic for Semester 1, 2016
  • A survey was conducted with commencing students in Semester 1, 2016
    78% of students used the UNSW Business School ACCEPT web page
    100% of students were satisfied with the overall experience (3 stars and above out of 5)

Axure, Photoshop, pen and paper, Powerpoint