Customer journey for targeting customers to provide their tax residency information

One of the initiatives I worked on for Westpac Live online banking is the Common Reporting Standards project, which is a legislative obligation for all financial institutions to collect tax residency information from their customers and report it to the ATO.

Screens from the Common Reporting Standards user flow

The Design Problem
The ATO requires banks such as Westpac to mandate the collection of tax residency information otherwise the customer will face a restriction of their online banking access. I tackled this compliance requirement by analysing analytics of customer behaviour and mapping out customer journey options through stakeholder workshops and design ideation.

Sketching and Co-design workshops with stakeholders

To mitigate the negative customer experience from being restricted to online banking the customer flow encouraged the customer to complete their information within a 2 stage process which included an option to extend their time to complete and several reminders and notifications. The prototype also was tested for usability and incorporated customer testing findings.

Screen flows of the 2 stage process for mobile banking

The Common Reporting Standards solution was rolled across all Westpac Group brands including Westpac, St George and Bank of Melbourne in late 2017. The analytics of the customer completion over the deadline period are yet to be confirmed however the hypothesis is that most customers would provide their details within the first stage of the 15 day deadline which would mean very few customers would reach the 30 day deadline where their access becomes restricted.

Lead UX designer and facilitated stakeholder workshops and design ideation

Workshops, design ideation, wireframes, analytics, usability testing, prototype, copywriting